October 2020

Pregnancy and Post-partum training at CCW

Moving forward. In recent times we have a number of members that have gone through their pregnancy and postpartum journey at CrossFit Central Wellington. We are excited to announce that after 8 months we have developed a specific process for our Pregnant & Postpartum athletes. We believe we need to be offering more support to our female athletes as they transition to motherhood and beyond. This process has been developed by our very own Coach Freyja Sciascia who is the first New Zealander to gain the Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coaching certification and it has also been reviewed by our

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Pike HSPU: Setup

Pike Push Up – How to set up for success Handstand Push Ups are an iconic CrossFit movement that are fun to do but a challenge for many to master. Somewhere in the journey to achieving a HSPU, or perhaps in the fury of warming up and selecting scaling options for a workout, most athletes have been introduced to the Pike Push Up (aka Pike HSPU) as a progression that is harder than a regular Push Up but easier than the HSPU. This is only partially true and a source of confusion. The Pike Push Up is easier than the

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