November 2015

My Mum and CrossFit

I wasn’t sure CrossFit was for me but Mum (yes, my Mum) convinced me to give CCW a go in 2013. Since then I’ve achieved things I didn’t think were possible, and made a ton of awesome friends through CCW. My numbers still don’t stack up with my Mum’s, but I enjoy chasing her round the gym with amazing coaches who always keep me smart and safe!

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LifeFit – By Will Rossiter

Nearly 6 months ago I undertook one of my biggest physical changes I’ve done, a 55km tramp over 3 days covering a few hundred meter elevation change, mud, rocks and all the good things that come with tramping. Walking out of the forest on that last day in the summer heat I felt nothing but empowerment and pride in myself at knocking that bastard off. It dawned on me however just how much of a physical toll such a trip had. My pack was only about 10kg but at the end of each day I simply had nothing left in

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My CrossFit Story

My Crossfit story starts at the end of 2012 when I happened across an old acquaintance, Sovita Corkin who I hadn’t seen in a very long time walking down the street. I’d popped out a couple of humans and she was expecting her second, little did I know this special lady was going to change my life very soon.

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