The Nutrition Project

The Nutrition Project

Monthly nutrition workshops
Kicking off Saturday – 23rd October 2021 – 10:45am

As part of CCW always trying to give our members more bang for their buck we have teamed up with Lydia Marshall (current member, runway model and qualified Dietitian) to form The Nutrition Project. This is going to be an ongoing and ever evolving series of monthly Nutrition workshops to help educate you guys on everything nutrition. Like our monthly skill and mobility workshops the focus of each session will change honing in on the subjects that you care most for. Let’s hear from Lydia below:

Food. What is it, why do we need it, and what types do we need? These all seem like simple questions, and on the surface level they are: What is it? Our energy. Why do we need it? To survive. What types do we need? More ‘whole-based’ foods and less ‘processed’ foods. 

If it were that simple, none of us would question what to eat. We wouldn’t feel conflicted on which cracker to buy down the grocery aisle and we would all be at our peak CrossFit performance through the most disciplined meal plan known to man. However, real life gets in the way and we appreciate food is to be enjoyed. Work and family life gets busy, we become too tired to cook every night, we don’t optimise eating around trainings, and we don’t always know which foods are best to eat and when. 

After 5 years of studying nutrition, I have realised the questions above are not simple. The answers will alter for each of you, but my goal is to help guide you to answer the above questions for yourself. Come join me on the occasional Saturday morning to discuss all things nutrition. These sessions will be held for 60-90 minutes at CCW, free to all members. Dates and topics TBC. I am aware everyone will have different goals when it comes to nutrition, whether it be for general health, sports performance, or something else entirely. The topics we will discuss will cater to all, whether you CrossFit 1 day per week or every day of the week, whether you want to lose or gain weight, or if you are quite happy with where you are at and would just like to learn a little more. Bring your questions and enthusiasm along! 

A little bit more about me – I work as a Registered Dietitian specialising in kidney disease, oncology and haematological cancers, and have worked private practice in the past. I love talking about food as my day job, and I hope to share this kai love with the CCW whānau.