May 2020

The Double Under: The Jump

Double unders can be a really taxing part of a workout, and a place that slows you down. When we’re first learning we do what we need to do to get the work done, and this isn’t always very efficient. These habits can then stick with us, becoming the real crux in our workout. Double unders can also be a place to make up time and even recover, if you’re efficient. Today I want to chat about two common errors we see in double unders. Firstly however, what should they look like? THE GOOD: It’s more than just passing the rope

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The Toe to bar: Linking Reps

Let’s look at T2B. Often members will have single T2Bs, maybe a great deal of them, but can’t link together a measly set of two. Singles may work or even be preferable in a competition or workout setting, but we all like to have options. So here is why that happens and what you can do about it. First up, a quick look at CrossFit’s points of performance for the T2B. ( Of course that demo looks great. But perhaps you’ve been put in the position of executing T2B more like in the first two examples in this video (

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