September 2020

Ring Dip: The Kip

Ring dips are really a very simple gymnastic movement… start from a support above the ring, bend your elbow and descend so the top of your shoulder passes below your elbow or touches the ring and press back to support. Performed strict they also fatigue quickly (like all gymnastics!) so we want to incorporate a kip. Before you look at a kipping ring dip you want to have mastered a strict, you will need to be able to support your weight well at the bottom of the dip to be able to kip. Of all the gymnastic kipping movements ring

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Barbell: Bar path

Barbell – Bringing the bar to the hips then the ground, or straight to the ground When we talk about barbell cycling, we are talking about the way that you move the barbell through multiple reps in a workout. As anyone with experience of the workouts Grace or Isabel already knows, there are ways to cycle a barbell fast, there are ways that you can be efficient and save your energy, and there are times (probably too many) when all thought goes out the window and any thing goes to get that barbell overhead. The reality is that most of

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Running: Pacing and Gears

Refining Running – Choosing pace and having gears It is well known that CrossFitters love the clock. Given a 3…2…1 countdown they will launch into a workout with gusto. Unless, of course, the workout starts with a run. Then there is the tell-tale body lean, dropping of the head and a few shuffles forward to begin the nasty stuff that is between all the fun stuff. This of course isn’t true for everyone. Some enjoy the running portions of workouts and really shine. Usually these people have learnt a valuable skill that transforms running from either ‘recovery time’ or ‘redline

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