March 2022

The 2022 CrossFit Open

That’s it all done, scores in, moving on. Almost survival of the fittest in avoiding COVID 19! At CCW we have a massive amount of people doing the CF Open, 125 to be precise, we run a in-house competition aside the big show. We spilt our members doing it into 4 separate teams and may the the best team win. . This year our top dogs were the historical over achievers, the Elephants! But its more than just that, the individual performances that make an open can never be overlooked. . 22.1 Individual winners : Brian Sciascia/Graeme Lawrance and Mari

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Covid and returning to the gym

Symptoms and Testing Positive Firstly, all the papers recommend a minimum of 7-10days of rest from the onset of symptoms or first positive test for asymptomatic/mild cases. This increases anywhere up to 7-14days symptomless for moderate cases. What is rest? Little more than pottering around the house, making food and doing wordle. Most people will “have” covid for somewhere between 3-4 weeks but it’s estimated about 10-30% of people will have symptoms that continue past the 4 weeks and a smaller number continuing past 12 weeks. Anyone with an underlying cardiovascular or pulmonary condition should consult a doctor prior to

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