April 2016

There’s a first time for everything

To be honest I was pretty apprehensive, there were nerves all week, an upset stomach, and some mad wide-awake periods in the night… this was all in leading up to my first CrossFit Open experience. I was coming up to my first year anniversary at CCW, and I was vaguely aware of the hype that the CrossFit Open pertained. I didn’t initially sign up but I had a continuous stream of experienced CrossFitters and coaches encouraging me to participate, stressing that I would have the best time, that I will achieve new goals (that may have seemed unattainable), and that

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Making a Difference

About two months ago one of CCW’s members came to me with an idea. His belief in this idea was fuelled by his own journey through life and his passion for helping others who were struggling much the same as he had. His enthusiasm was infectious and this idea quickly turned from a casual conversation into a reality.

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3 questions for better goals and training

The Open 2016 has come and gone. And like many Open seasons before, it brought much struggle, sweat, angst, triumph, and of course some mad DOMs. I’ve participated in 6 Opens now and every year I face different challenges and learn something new. I like to use the Open as a time to look back across the last year for a bit of insight into my progress and reaffirm my direction moving forward. In my first few years my reflections centred around performance – what movements, weights, and workouts did I struggle with? Where did I place high and where

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