Pregnancy and Post-partum training at CCW

Pregnancy and Post-partum training at CCW

Moving forward.

In recent times we have a number of members that have gone through their pregnancy and postpartum journey at CrossFit Central Wellington. We are excited to announce that after 8 months we have developed a specific process for our Pregnant & Postpartum athletes. We believe we need to be offering more support to our female athletes as they transition to motherhood and beyond.

This process has been developed by our very own Coach Freyja Sciascia who is the first New Zealander to gain the Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coaching certification and it has also been reviewed by our highly experienced coaching team.

We believe it is no longer enough to say “listen to your body” without context, guidance and support. We want to form part of our member’s support team as we believe it is important that your trainers, midwives, doctors and YOU are all on the same page.

We will be providing our athletes with regular 1-1 check ins as required at a throughout pregnancy on educating the athlete on supporting core and pelvic floor health, scaling considerations as Mum moves through each trimester and referring the athlete as required for any management of symptoms. WE are our athletes first line of defence, this is our role.

As our members move into Trimester 4 we will be providing an 8 week postpartum program which will focus on restoring pelvic floor and core health, rebuilding through progressive overload and supporting the athlete as she navigates postpartum life with baby. This will transition our members back to the thing they love – CrossFitting with their community.

Our preference is that this is done with the support of a Women’s Health Physio as this enables us to get a better picture of how we can tailor the support we provide our returning athletes therefore we will be contributing $50 towards their WHP visit/s. Alongside this we will also be providing our returning Mums with a subsidised membership for the first 8 weeks of their return to CrossFit postpartum as they complete their rebuilding program and build back into their regular class times safely with guidance and support.

Lastly, we will have a FREE Newsletter that will go out every 4-6 weeks. This will be packed with resources for pregnant and postpartum athletes as well as those in the fitness industry looking to better support their athletes as they transition into motherhood and beyond. Let’s open the lines of communication and work together to better support our female athletes. If this interests you, you can sign up for this here –…/pregnancy-and…

Pregnancy is temporary, postpartum is forever, it’s a journey and we want to be on board for the ride.

We love our CCW Mums.