CCW In-house Weightlifting Competition

CCW In-house Weightlifting Competition

Saturday 24th July 2021

This was such a great event to watch and be apart of!

Thanks to everyone that got up on the platform and lifted, you guys did an amazing job and we can’t wait for the next one in about 8 weeks time!

Congrats to our two winners Nicholas Buck and Catlin Cummings!

Thanks to everyone that helped get this one over the line, judges Ben Golebiowski and Alice Sciascia, loaders John Jenkins, Jonathan Dowson, Eddie Stanley and Rowena Howard, whiteboard scorer Lisa McIvor and the champion of the organising Nicole Taylor! 

You guys nailed it!

Another big thanks needs to go to Nathan Roy Frost, we can’t wait to see the shots – coming soon.

Let’s see more members up on the platform for our next one on the 25th of September!