One on one sessions – Pregnancy and postpartum

One on one sessions – Pregnancy and postpartum

As she continues her professional development in the world of pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, our very own Coach Freyja now offers 1-1 consults for Pregnant and Postpartum athletes. 

These are 45-60 minute sessions that involve a pre-screening form and post session follow up email. These sessions can be a great opportunity to get some additional support with your training through pregnancy and in your return to CrossFit postpartum.

These sessions are an opportunity to ensure the athlete is able to make educated decisions around scaling, has a range of scaling options that meet her current needs (in a holistic way), assess movements together, discuss any concerns or symptoms and refer the athlete as required.

We are our athletes first line of defence, this is our role. These sessions are currently $60 for members and $80 for non-members.

For members these discussions will also be summarised for the Coaching staff to ensure that athletes are well supported as they move through each trimester. This ensures movement scaling is appropriate to that athlete, her goals and any symptom management requirements and that she feels safe and well cared for in her training. 

We also offer these sessions to non-members and can provide a summary email to your Coach if you’d like – it is always best when everyone is on the same page. 

We suggest one of these sessions if you are:

  • Recently pregnant
  • New to CCW and returning to CrossFit training after a pregnancy
  • Recently postpartum

If you would like to book a one on one session you can email Coach Freyja directly here. Limited spots available each month.