The 2020 CCW ‘No Open’

The 2020 CCW ‘No Open’

October 17th – November 7th 2020

Well that was an awesome four weeks! It wasn’t quite the Open but for those of you that completed each week you would have got some of those same feelings that the Open has a tendancy to ignite. For those of you that have not done an Open before then this is just a taste of what is to come in February 2021 when the real thing kicks off.

Looking back on the four weeks we completed the following:

Week ONE
CrossFit Open Workout 20.2
20 Minute AMRAP
4 DB Thruster 22.5/15kg
6 Toe to bar
24 Double unders

Week TWO
CrossFit Open Workout 12.2
10 Min AMRAP
30 snatches 34/20kg
30 snatches 61/34kg
30 snatches 75/45kg
AMRAP in time remaining snatches 95/55kg

CrossFit Open Workout 20.5
‘For time’ – Partition as desired
40 Muscle up
80 Cal Row
120 Wall ball
20 minute time cap

CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 and 18.2a
In 12 minutes
DB Squat 22.5/15kg
Burpee over bar
In time remaining establish a 1RM Clean (18.2a)

The workouts were hand picked by our Head Coach Eric and only he knew what they were, he released clues each Thursday at 1pm and announced the workout each Friday at the same time. Every Saturday morning we had 80-90 members (and some lucky drop ins) throw down in a furious storm of CrossFit which saw numerous PB efforts and multiple dead bodies on the floor post workout.

On the competitive side of things at the top of the mens table we had Tymon Bernard in first followed by Ian Chevalier in second and John Jenkins in third. For our females we had Pauline Sciascia in first followed by Jayde Maguire in second and Tia Haira in third. On top of the individual leaderboards we also had a team leaderboard which put our weekday time slot’s against each other, the fittest time slot when all was said and done was 9:30am in a dominate performance spearheaded by the efforts of Pauline Sciascia in second was 4:30pm and in third was 6:30pm.

For a complete rundown check out the online leaderboard here through this link.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this low key in house event into what it was and what it was was awesome! Now… time to get training for February when we switch back into the real thing and out come our CCW houses… The rabbits, walruses, elephants and birds!