Double Unders: The Rope

Double Unders: The Rope

Society will lead you to believe length doesn’t matter. Well, society is wrong…length matters. Matters a lot.

Double Unders are tricky enough as it is without getting the length of your rope correct. Perhaps you find yourself tripping over your rope? Constant lashings on your ankles? Tucking or piking to make space? Read Coach Gina’s Double Under advice (posted this page 1 April) and still not happening for you?

Check your length. Are you long enough? Maybe you’re too long?

The idea is relatively simple – you need enough rope for your UPRIGHT body to travel underneath as it spins rapidly through space and time.

There is no perfect measure, and is dependant on the ability of the athlete, or the technique. General guide is – holding both handles and the rope underneath one (1) foot, the top of the handle (where the cable connects) should be somewhere between nipple and lower-armpit height;

– Closer to the nipple if you are proficient at Double Unders and can maintain good technique with the elbows back and in close to the body;

– Closer to the armpit if you are a beginner learning the technique, or find arms tend to stray away from the body during workouts, or simply prefer the arms further away technique.

Check out this link for one of the most well-known rope producers in the CrossFit game, RX Smart Gear. They know what’s up. This video even briefly touches on the arm/elbow positions mentioned above.

Alternatively, Google ‘skipping rope length’, and you’ll be inundated with options that all say the same thing.

We’re lucky to have ropes provided for the members in our gym and you’ll find those set lengths are probably okay for most. But, purchasing your own rope and sizing it to you might just take your Double Under game to the next level.

A Little birdy tells me can hook you up with a good rope….

So, the next time she tells you length doesn’t matter, tell her you now know better.

Double Unders and double entendres. Does it get any better?

Ben Golebiowski
Coach – CrossFit Central Wellington