Barbell: The Set-up

Barbell: The Set-up

Set up position for deadlift, clean and snatch

First things first – the deadlift, clean and snatch are all totally different movements, and all need different set up positions.

This might seem a little crazy to some of you – all three movements involve picking the bar up off the ground. However, with the clean and the snatch, we want to make sure that you are set up to explode into the second and third pull (in short, we need you to use your hips to get that bar moving). Meanwhile, all you need to do with the deadlift is stand up and put it back down. Your set up for that is going to be very different!

For the Olympic lifts – we want:

– Bar over the middle of your foot
– Shin as close to bar as possible
– Chest up, shoulders back and down
– Straight arms
– Shoulders slightly in front of the bar
– Hips (ideally) just above parallel, depending on your proportions
– Eyes forward

If you want more detail – check out this video from Catalyst Athletics

Meanwhile, for the deadlift, you can get away with having your shoulders over the bar a bit more, and your hips a bit higher. This is because you don’t need to worry about getting the bar into your hip for that explosive pull. Check out this description of the deadlift from CrossFit

You can be practicing all of these set up positions from home, even if all you have is a dowel, a mop handle or an empty bar. Take a video of your set up, and then go back and have a look at how it compares to the lifters on the videos above, and make some little changes. The coaches are able to help if you want anyone to check your videos out and give you some tips.

Happy lifting!

Nicole Taylor
Senior Coach – CrossFit Central Wellington