Everyone’s doing it

Everyone’s doing it

[blockquote style=”boxed”]It’s not every day you get to compete against the best in the world.

1. 5 Reasons why you should sign up for your first open

For your Team – Get involved with one of the 4 in house teams and compete with pride, Undoubtedly the fiercest rivalry in the gym is between the 4 open teams! Although a healthy rivalry (most of the time) it’s awesome to be involved in, the smack talking/taunting only adds to the fun of the open.

For the Sport – CrossFit is growing rapidly, the open is a chance to be a part of the initial qualifier to the CrossFit games… It’s not every day you get to compete against the best in the world.

For the Fitness – The CrossFit open is literally designed for everyone, and everyone is doing it! No worries if you can’t get double unders or a HSPU. This is your chance to set a CrossFit bench mark and as the years roll on you can track your progress and scores worldwide.

For the Fun – The anticipation of the workout announcements, the Saturday morning where the tunes are pumping and the after open party. Everyone else will be there so make sure you don’t miss out.

For the Thrill – You wouldn’t know that even Te was hesitant to sign up for the open… Hard to pick seeing his commitment to the rabbits with face painting and endless support to the whole gym during the open. If I can’t convince you then ask Te, honestly you don’t want to miss out!

2. 5 tips and tricks for getting the most out of the experience

Know the workout – Take your lunch break and watch the open workout announcement, this is a good chance to know what’s coming and prepare yourself. Take note of anything the athletes are doing and see if you can incorporate that when you have your turn.

Get stuck in – Regardless if you’re a bird, walrus, elephant or rabbit everyone in the gym is behind you, the support is overwhelming and it’s great to have the CCW crowd cheering you through the end of a tough WOD.

Help out – If you have the time, throw your name down to judge on Saturday. There will be a judge’s briefing, so you know exactly what to do. This is a great chance to get in close to the action, maybe learn something and help someone else out.

Be prepared – Come to the open prep sessions on Friday nights, the is a chance to sort your game plan and touch up on a few things that will come up on Saturday. Have a good dinner and breakfast and get some Z’s before the big day.

Relax – Don’t take it too seriously. Especially if this is your first open, this is a chance to have a go and enjoy yourself. With the whole gym fully behind you why miss out? Everyone else is doing it.


Coach Zak