I have been in and out of the CrossFit space since 2021. Growing up, I participated in almost every sport, but my main background is in competitive gymnastics. After retiring from gymnastics, I was searching for a new sport that could match my love for physical challenges, and CrossFit turned out to be the perfect fit. Alongside CrossFit, I also enjoy dabbling in multisport events as I am a sucker for a participation medal.

With a coaching background in gymnastics and having completed my Level 1 CrossFit course at the beginning of 2024, I am thrilled to be able to transfer my gymnastics expertise to the CrossFit space. Coaching at CCW is an absolute privilege, and the community here is second to none. I love witnessing people achieve their goals and surpass their expectations. My goal is to play a role in this and have people leaving the gym after each class with a smile on their dial. Though the ultimate goal is to have all the CCW whānau walking on their hands.