I’m a pretty easy going individual with a number of interests and talents, I love to surf, snowboard and listen to music while enjoying others company. I’ve got a knack for remembering people’s names once I meet them and I am dynamite at crosswords. Before CrossFit found me a few years back I was an offshore rigger who built wharves for a living, how times change.

I love my job here at CrossFit Central Wellington with a passion, being able to connect on a base level with people everyday makes everything just click for me. My job gives me the chance to lead from the front in a crusade of making people’s lives that little bit better.

I like to think I bring personality, laughter and fun to the coaching team. What I know I do bring though is the personal connection with all of CrossFit Central Wellington’s members, you could line all of them up in front of me and I could name them all. Try me.