I was a hairdresser by trade and changed industries five years ago when I found my obsession for everything fitness and completed my Bachelor of Health Sci (Sport and Exercise). During this time I came across the Sport of CrossFit, completed my CF-L1 qualification and found myself down at CCW which allowed me to be exposed to the CrossFit community as an athlete, land a role as an intern and as a result proudly earning me a spot on the coaching team.

I would say I am commonly known around the box as the “Powerlifter” turned CrossFitter who wears a signature “tucked in look”, is always covered in chalk, down for some good genuine banter and always talking about the “gains”.

The best parts about being a coach is being a role model for likeminded individuals around me, being authentic in my approach and not only being able to educate athletes about CrossFit, but to have fun, to not take life to seriously and make them feel good about themselves, all while being able to train alongside these epic humans. I find it so rewarding working with athletes to help them learn a skill, get that “aha moment”, and get stronger and fitter both physically, mentally and challenge them beyond their expectations.