Senior Coach

I’ve been training CrossFit since 2011 and love the community spirit! I have a day job for a charity called Life Education Trust (yep Harold!). My partner Tim (he is a coach too!) and I own a house in Tawa and we are lucky our cat Smokey lets us live there with him.

My background is mainly swimming and surf life saving with team sports and rowing thrown in the mix. Personally I love throwing tin around! Over time I have come to like gymnastics but give me a barbell over a gymnastics bar any day…

I did my Level 1 CrossFit cert in early 2012 and since then have completed certs in Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Strongman, Mobility and wherever possible I have found great people and learnt whatever I can from them! I love helping people achieve things they thought they couldn’t and luckily in CrossFit people tick these big hairy audacious goals off all the time!