For years you could find me at the local athletic track, wearing lycra, sprinting around the track and travelling to all different parts of the country. After competing in athletics for 15 years, I discovered CrossFit in 2011. The strong community, the emphasis on technique and variance of the functional training, immediately amazed me. From then I have not looked back. CrossFit Central Wellington has given me lots of awesome experiences, great friends and a place where I can push my old body to new levels.

Coaching at CrossFit Central Wellington is something I look forward to every week. I love helping people perform to their best and achieve new personal bests. As a physiotherapist and in the past a personal trainer, I love helping our members, whether its a new member needing help with technique, giving some mobility advice or helping fine tune a movement with a seasoned member, I am always willing to lend a hand.

Feel free to have a chat whether I am training with the class or coaching, I always make sure I’m available to help out.