In my mid-late 20’s, father, and husband. Lover of a heavy barbell, coffee and food, and hater of a running or burpee WOD. I’m easy going, passionate, and dedicated to helping those around me. I am proud to be a part of the amazingly gifted team of coaches here at CCW, and hope to help as many of you as we progress into the future.

In my time as a trainer, I have covered many areas of health, and fitness. I began coaching junior tennis at the age of 16, and started writing exercise programmes for friends and family 4 years ago. I moved into running Bootcamps, and coaching CrossFit shortly after that.

Bootcamps and ladies only bootcamps, olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, CrossFit kids and teens groups, community rehabilitation programmes for troubled youth, community rehabilitation programmes for ex-prisoners, personal training, nutrition programmes, rehabilitation of sporting injuries, as well as rehabilitation for individuals with severe brain trauma and cerebral palsy sufferers…..been a part of a lot in my nearly 10 years of coaching, loved every second of it, and always seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience.

I am lucky enough to have met hundreds and hundreds of amazing individuals, and being a part of the improvement to one’s life, is about the most amazing privilege I have ever been granted. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, and helping you to achieve something great.