Hi – my name is Kieran, physiotherapist by day CrossFit geek by night.
I have always enjoyed moving ever since I was a kid. I began my CrossFit journey in the Hania street gym in 2011. I had never enjoyed the typical gym setting and was looking for something new and exciting. I like to challenge myself physically and get bored quickly with doing the same things over and over. CrossFit suits me perfectly because I always have something new to work on.

In 2010 I began coaching after having sat my level 1. I have been involved ever since and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of helping people move better. I came for the thrill and the excitement of a new program and I stayed for the warm embracing community that turn up week after week.

In 2009 I graduated physiotherapy school and began my career in acute musculoskeletal practice. Being one of the three physiotherapist at the gym can be stressful at times, but we do it because we love it. Our aim is to ensure you gain the most from the programming without causing yourself injury and although this can sometimes can sound like nagging, we do it because we care.